The Story of The Treetop Huts

Frodes all-round interest in nature triggered the idea of building the Treetop huts in the forest in Veldre Almenning. A prototype of the hut was built in 2005.


After some failing, a lot of climbing, nailing and daring construction attempts, the second edition of The Pine Hut was built in 2006. The Pine Hut was the first Treetop hut in Norway that was approved for accomodation and rental - something we are very proud of! It was a great success, with much media coverage and a huge interest from guests.


In 2009 the Treetop Huts was converted to a corporation, where the landowner Veldre Almenning became co-owner.


The Larch Hut was built this year. It was larger than the Pine Hut, and improved with solar panels, shower and a bio toilet inside of the hut. Builder and friend, Steinar Kråbøl, became more and more important in the process.


Increasing demands led to the building of The Spruce Hut , which was built in 2011. This hut was built with a 35m long wooden ramp, instead of stairs, to make it accessible for strollers and wheelchairs. We now had an offer for people with mobility challenges and families with young children that needed a stroller brought up to the hut. 


In 2013 The Sky Hut was created. This was our first hut with roof windows over the sleeping loft, where you can lay down and look up at the starry sky.
We were so lucky to collaborate with Dorthe Skappel and "Good kveld, Norge". A show called " Himmelhytta " was broadcasted on the tv channel TV2 over several Saturday nights. Although Himmelhytta was already in high demand, it became no less popular after this program.


In 2014 we built The Birch Hut , also with roof windows like the Sky Hut, but it got a bigger terrace and two big sliding doors with direct access to the terrace. This way the Birch Hut got a lighter and more feminin design than the other huts.  


In the spring of 2017 we built The Climbing Hut at Helgøya, by Helgøya Climbing Park. What’s special about this hut is that it was built in a collaboration with Pete Nelson and his team from the Treehouse Masters. It became a very exciting building- and film- project that resulted in a 50 minutes documentary shown at Animal Planet.   

At the moment, we have six airy Treetop huts that are available for rent. We are a leading company in Norway on what we are doing, and we will not stop!
We have a new and exciting project in the works, and our builder Steinar